Moral Education

As Straightpath’s primary aim is to prepare our students to learn for both worlds, we are committed to provide qualitative and value based education. We have Department of Value Education formed with the purpose of instilling positive values in our students. Moral Education is given due emphasis ...


Individual Attention

We ensure that each student is brought under the learning system. Teachers pay individual attention to students through the creative activities . In order to support this, the ideal strength of a classroom is fixed as 25 to 30. School is thus committed to keep an appropriate teacher-student ratio ...


Mentoring Programme

Mentors-Mentee programme at Straightpath is aimed providing true mentorship and guidance for the students throughout their study period at school.programme is developed to support this process where students are assigned a mentor who continuously gets in touch with students ...



  • Develop self-discipline and intrinsic motivation
  • Get associated with nature and wider society
  • Learn through activities and experiences
  • Emerge as lifelong learners
  • Collaborate with others and accept diversity

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