Straightpath International School is an active academic hub where students are prepared to learn for both worlds. The school provides a learning environment for the students where they are trained to unleash their potential and to accomplish personal and professional excellence.With unique mix of state of the art infrastructure and innovative teaching and learning practices, Straightpath intends to enhance overall experience of the students and to facilitate their holistic development.


Providing a harmonious, creative and innovative learning environment where our student community is prepared to unleash their potential and to accomplish personal and professional excellence.


Transforming our students as ideal and responsible citizens who are enlightened with values, empowered with knowledge, and dedicated to bring positive social changes.

Learner Attributes

Family and Social Engagement, Digital Competence, Life Long Learning, Subject Expertise, Life Skills, Soft Skills


  • Respect : We discharge our duties and responsibilities with due respect for the self and others and appreciate diversity of thoughts, beliefs, cultures and personalities.

  • Commitment : We are committed to bring positive social changes by providing quality and value based education.

  • Integrity : We make effort to exhibit honesty and integrity in our operations.

  • Collaboration : We believe in working closely with our students, teachers, parents and wider community to fulfil our dreams.

  • Responsibility : We make our choices and decisions with high sense of responsibilities and accept the accountability of our actions.