Dr Gladson Chikwa


An education professional with experience of working in different contexts (Africa, Latin America,Europe & Middle East) at both secondary school and higher education level. He holds PhD in Educational Studies from University of Sheffield, UK. He has also obtained Masters in Diplomacy and International Relations from University of Madrid and Masters in Education from University of Zimbabwe. Initially, he worked in Zimbabwe as a high school science/biology teacher and University Lecturer before moving into an academic development career in the UK. As an Academic Developer, his role has focused on the enhancement of learning and teaching throughresearch and provision of pedagogic advice to staff in higher education.


Dr. Nihan Kutahnecioglu Inan


Dr. Nihan holds PhD in in Business Administration and is an expert in higher education sector. She has served in various higher educational institution in different roles such as lecurer, course coordinator, programme manager and course developer. She started her career as a research assistant and has even served as the Head of the Department in Middle East College, Oman. She has successfully completed PG Certificate in Higher Education Professional Practices from Coventry University and is a fellow of UK Higher Education Academy. Her areas of research include Education, Teaching and Learning, Organisational Behaviour, and Human Resource Management.


Dr. Imran Syed


Dr. Imran Syed is the CEO of Humanitarian Hearts and Founder of Sadaat Foundation, a community not-for-profit multicultural organisation. This is the first faith based organisation in the Hume Region in central Victoria based in Shepparton. The Sadaat foundation has auspiced a number of multicultural activities in Shepparton and Melbourne to create awareness and promote understanding within the community.Imran is a strong believer of inclusive society, multiculturalism and social cohesion.Imran is the first participant from regional Australia to have graduated from three prestigious community leadership programs: Fairly Leadership, Muslim Leadership and Leadership Victoria. He has been selected to be the AFL Multicultural Community Ambassador in 2014 to promote the game within culturally diverse migrant communities.